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Loop 1 Managed Lanes


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1 What is an Express Lane?

Express Lanes are special lanes that use variable tolling. The goal is to prevent congestion by managing the number of vehicles using the lane. They are not meant for everyday use, but for those special occasions when you can’t afford to be late.

2 What is Variable Tolling?

Variable Tolling is a new technology designed to ensure drivers can get where they’re going without delay. Sensors monitor traffic and when it increases, so does the toll. When traffic is light, the toll comes down to encourage more use.

3 How much does it cost?

The toll could be as low as 25-cents per section when traffic is light, but will increase when traffic is heavier to prevent the lane from becoming congested. The average rush hour toll is expected to be around $2.50. Once you are in the lane, you will never pay more than the amount posted on the sign.

4 Where do I get on and off?

Half a mile before the Express Lane entrance, signs will post the current toll, giving drivers ample time to enter the Express Lane. There will be three places to enter or exit the lanes in both directions: Cesar Chavez Street/Lady Bird Lake, north of RM 2222 and near Parmer Lane.