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Updated January 27, 2017

Section 1 & 2A - US 183 to Parmer Lane:  

The northbound Express Lane opened on October 15, 2016 between RM 2222 and Parmer Lane. Construction is essentially complete in this area with some landscaping work occurring on the slopes along the highway and some fencing and railing still being installed along the new shared use path. A portion of the shared use path between Braker Lane and Shoal Creek at US 183 still needs to be built. A date has not been set for the start of that construction.     

Section 2B - US 183 to RM 2222:

The northbound section of this stretch is complete and the Express Lane is open. Some landscaping work remains to be completed.

In the southbound direction crews have completed widening work. Final paving of the southbound roadway with permeable friction course asphalt will be undertaken in late March or April as weather conditions permit. Paving will be followed by permanent striping and final lane alignment. The southbound express lane is not expected to open until the entire southbound project is completed from Parmer Lane  to Cesar Chavez Street.   

Section 3 - RM 2222 to Enfield Road:

On this stretch of northbound MoPac all sound wall foundations are essentially complete with just a few foundations still to be drilled along the northbound Windsor Road entrance ramp and the northbound 35th Street exit ramp. Crews are preparing to start construction of a retaining wall in front of Westminster Manor and the Post Apartments between 35th Street and 45th Street. They are paving the widened right hand shoulder of MoPac between the 45th Street on-ramp and the RM 2222 off-ramp and are building a concrete traffic barrier on top of the retaining wall along the RM 2222 off-ramp by Austin Memorial Cemetery. In the weeks ahead they should also be installing concrete traffic barriers along the sound walls in this section.

On southbound MoPac workers have been finishing a handful of remaining sound wall foundations and they have been removing an old concrete duct bank. They have also been working to build a cast in place portion of sound wall #13 near Windsor Road.

On this stretch of MoPac, in both directions, crews are working along the left hand median to remove existing guardrail and to begin installation of new highway lighting and concrete traffic barriers. Color sealing/painting of various bridges and walls continues at most cross streets and on sound walls. Sound wall panel installation is expected to resume in full force in February with a significant number of walls going up in the next few months.

Workers have also been upgrading sidewalks and crosswalks at 45th Street, 35th Street, Westover Road, Windsor Road and Enfield Road in recent weeks, as well as along Newfield Lane and Winsted Lane. They have also begun installing planter beds and other aesthetic upgrades at the various cross streets.

Section 4 - Enfield Road to Cesar Chavez Street: 

The southbound express lane underpass is complete. The area over the underpass has been paved and striped and traffic is now passing over the underpass. Crews have been excavating the entrance to the underpass and will be constructing the retaining walls and roadway leading into the underpass over the next two months. They are also removing the old Cesar Chavez/5th Street exit ramp and restoring the area to its original natural condition. As part of that work they are extending a retaining wall/sound wall along Johnson Creek.

The northbound express lane underpass has been completed. Drivers are now passing over the underpass and northbound MoPac has been returned to three lanes in that area. Crews are in the process of excavating the entrance into the underpass from Cesar Chavez Street. They will be building retaining walls and paving the ramp into the underpass over the next month or two. Click here to view a graphic of what the final layout will look like. They are also reworking the existing asphalt in the center of northbound MoPac where the new express lane underpass will emerge.

Workers have also been sealing/painting all of the MoPac bridge structures at the Cesar Chavez/Lake Austin Boulevard interchange just north of Lady Bird Lake.

 All construction time frames are subject to change. 


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