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Construction Alerts


  • Crews will be installing the columns and wall panels for Sound Wall 12 between southbound MoPac and the Westover Road on-ramp. They will also be pouring concrete pads around the wall foundations.
  • Crews will be installing columns and panels for neighborhood wall number 3 located along the northbound MoPac entrance ramp at Windsor Road. They will also be installing a concrete pad around the wall foundations. 
  • Crews are working each night on sound wall foundation caps for sound wall #6 on northbound MoPac between 45th Street and Hanock Road. 
  • Crews are working on wall foundation caps and wall panel installation for neighborhood wall #2 along the 35th Street exit ramp.
  • Crews are working on foundation caps and installing wall panels for neighborhood wall #1 located along the northbound exit to 45th Street.
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